Comprehensive Features

Easy to use, intuitive design combined with comprehensive features

myEstateHub brings the most comprehensive set of features to your facilities booking solution. Your residents will love the easy to use, intuitive design that works on all their devices, property managers will appreciate the time saved, and councils will love the reporting. The feature list below is divided into the following broad categories.

  • Facility Booking Features
  • Solution Foundation and Support
  • General Solution Features

When you deploy myEstateHub Facility Booking, your estate gets all the amazing facilities booking features plus all the additional condominium management functions that can be optionally implemented. These incredible features are all backboned by the performance, availability and security of a solution designed to world class standards. myEstateHub’s all-inclusive support starts before deployment with marketing and announcement material to promote your new portal through to free upgrades and feature enhancements.


   Facility Booking Features

Visual Listing and Overview of Facilities
A visual list of all the facilities in the estate with booking links where appropriate. Residents are automatically redirected to login as required.

Resident Booking List
Residents can easily view the bookings for their unit including the status of their booking (e.g. Approved, Pending, Cancelled) as well as payment status. Users are able to cancel bookings within the approved cancellation window.

Easy to use Touch Interface
Residents have an easy to use interface that is touch ready. The booking form responds to the size and orientation of the device to give residents the optimal user experience.

Visually Appealing Estate Themed Interface
Your estate deserves more than being stuck with a generic boring user interface. Each myEstateHub booking system is uniquely themed to the match the estate brand giving not only a better user experience but adding value and exposure to the condominium.

Designed with the User in Mind
myEstateHub sites are designed from the perspective of the resident and the way they work. For example residents can see availability of all the BBQs in one screen without having to navigate through numerous pages.

Detailed Facility Information Provided
When residents books a facility they have easy access to all the information about the particular facility including booking rules and location.

Email Workflow
All bookings receive email notifications for pending, confirmed and cancelled events as applicable. All emails are themed to align to the estate's unique brand.

Availability Settings
Facility availability can be represented by slots (a block of time) or by hour with different availability for each day of the week and public holidays.

Peak Hour Categorisation
A facility can have slots or times categorised as peak or non peak with different booking rules and payment conditions.

Advance Booking Days
Set how many days in advance a facility can be booked.

Extensive Booking Rules
The most comprehensive set of booking rules available. Estates are able to specify daily, weekly or monthly rules based on times or slots including peak hours. An unlimited number of rules can be specified for each facility.

Spot Bookings
Residents who have used their booking allocation for a period are still able to book facilities within a spot window. This enables the condominium to get the most out of facilities in an equitable way.

Multiple Cancellation Options
Bookings can be cancelled in multiple ways. Residents can cancel within a defined window, management can cancel bookings or they can be auto cancelled through the system.

Auto Cancel Bookings
Bookings can be auto cancelled if payment has not been made within a defined time window. Reminders are emailed to residents notifying them of impending cancellations.

Auto Approve Bookings
Facilities can be set to auto approve. Great for facilities that do not require payment but need to be managed.

Different Payment Methods
Record payments via cheque, cash or tokens. For cheques, the interface enables optional recording of the cheque number if required.

Deposit Flexibility
Differentiate between owners and tenants when taking deposits or choose not to take a deposit at all.

Payment by Tokens
Pay booking fees using tokens (credits). Take away the need for small payments for each facility booking. After purchasing tokens, a resident can book a facility without having to bother the management office to make small payments.

Refund via Tokens
Need to credit the fee from a cancelled booking? Property managers can credit the unit with tokens making it easy to manage refunds. Residents can then use these tokens for future bookings.

Record Penalty Fee
Ability to record a penalty fee against the deposit if the facility is damaged or not cleaned.

Free of Charge
Property Managers can record the booking as free of charge if required to better manage the resident relationship.

Management Booking
Property Managers can book facilities on behalf of residents or for management use such as council meetings.

Block Booking
Property Managers can block a facility for a period of time if required for maintenance purposes.

Override Booking Rules
Property Managers can override the booking rules when making a booking for management or on behalf of a resident.

Printable Booking Confirmation
Printable booking receipt that can be used for confirmation. The printable receipt is themed and customisable.

No Show Flag
Property Managers can record a booking as no show for tracking purposes and future reference.

Transaction Journaling
Every transaction involving payment is journaled to accounting standards. Microsoft Excel reports can be generated enabling accounting departments to reconcile booking receipts.

Notes and Remarks
The ability to add additional customised notes and remarks is available if required.


   Solution Foundation and Support

Enterprise Quality Singapore Hosting
myEstateHub uses Microsoft Azure hosting - the same hosting that is used by Fortune 500 multi-national companies to provide superior performance, security and availability. Contact us for examples of market leading customers that also leverage Microsoft Azure for their Data Centre needs.

Touch and Device Ready
Designed for phones, tablets and other touch devices.

Singapore Support
Our support team is based in Singapore providing telephone support and 24 hour response SLA to email.

Free Monthly Upgrades
Once in the myEstateHub network, each estate gets automatic feature and function upgrades at no extra cost.

myEstateHub takes privacy seriously. Our architects and domain experts have had training on Singapore's new privacy laws to ensure our solution is fully compliant.

Designed with security at its core, the myEstateHub solution has been developed using industry best practices for security. For example passwords are not stored as clear text nor are they accessible by anyone except the user. Contact us to get more details on our specific security features.

Visually Appealing Estate Theme
Your estate deserves more than being stuck with a generic boring user interface. Each myEstateHub booking system is uniquely themed to the match the estate brand giving not only a better user experience but adding value and exposure to the condominium.

We get you started
myEstateHub provides example posters and notification flyers/letters that can be used to help promote your condominium portal and drive adoption.


   General Solution Features

Below is just a brief list of the numerous additional features that you get with your myEstateHub solution. All these features are included at no additional cost. Contact us to get a complete listing of all features as well as our roadmap of new and exciting coming additions.

Integrated Dashboard
Issues, pending bookings, approvals, bulletins. Get the pulse of what is happening at your finger tips.

Issue Reporting
Enable residents to report issues and provide feedback. Issue management includes email workflow and status management.

Building Communities
Connect residents within the estate and into the local neighbourhood. Create interest groups and see local events.

Announcements and Circulars
Keep residents informed through announcements and circulars. Workflow includes the ability to send announcements via email.

Estate Documents
Need to get meeting minutes or other resident only documents released. Satisfy your Strata Act compliance requirements by putting them online.

We get you started
Templates and posters are provided to help launch your online portal to the estate. We help you to get your residents signed up with accounts.

Mobile Site
Mobile site included to cater for screens of all sizes including phones and tablet devices.

Map and Streetview
Map and street view showing location of the estate as well as what's nearby including transport, schools and shops.

Resident Guides
Guides for residents (including Act extracts) on condominium living to promote harmony and graciousness throughout the estate.

House Rules
Online house rules for 24 hour availability and easy reference to ensure no residents are confused about their responsibilities.

Online Forms
Download condominium forms at anytime of day providing residents with 24 hour access.

Comprehensive Reporting
Satisfy all your reporting needs with a constantly expanding selection of Word, PDF and Excel reports.