About myEstateHub

We create easy to use, feature rich, quality condominium management solutions

Born after recognising current service providers are not meeting the needs of estates, the myEstateHub board of directors brings the knowledge of sitting estate chairmen together with over 20 years of enterprise solution development experience. Additional experience in building communities within a Fortune 500 company, provides insights on how to successfully implement estate community building initiatives.

This powerful combination not only enables the right solution with the flexibility to evolve with the estate but also one that performs to the quality bar of Fortune 500 companies.


The way we work

Assisting in all phases of your online community implementation

Deep domain knowledge together with enterprise quality architecture and process our team delivers the most comprehensive and holistic condominium management solution in the market.

Easy to use

To be adopted, the solution has to be easy and intuitive to use

Lens of the customer

Built from the perspective of the customer (residents, councils and managing agents) not the lens of IT

Deliver outcomes

On time, on budget with known quality. myEstateHub delivers value outcomes not verbal promises

Dedicated Specialist Service Provider

This is our core and only business so you know who we will be focusing on … you. We are not a general purpose IT company getting distracted, everything we do is about maximising the value you get from your relationship with us.

myEstateHub is the leading dedicated specialist provider of condominium management solutions in Singapore. When you engage myEstateHub you get don’t get a vendor, you get a partner to helping you be successful. Whether you’re a managing agent looking to better serve your clients, a council trying to keep on top of it all or simply a resident wanting streamlined interfaces with management and other residents, myEstateHub supports and enables you.


Continuous Support

Now, and in the future

In addition to the most powerful solution on the market each estate gets deployment and launch support to get them started. This includes flyers and example circulars that can be leveraged. Support continues through the lifetime of the solution with free upgrades and enhancements to keep your estate on the leading edge. Included in the solution are free value added services to help you build community within the estate and across the neighbourhood such as neighbourhood issue reporting and sharing interests. Lastly myEstateHub surveys its network to keep you abreast of latest trends and insights, whether this be latest ruling from the Strata Board or the industry average for BBQ pit fees, myEstateHub gives you the insights to better manage your estate.